Healey: Expanding Educational Choice Should be American Priority

September 9, 2022

Local business owner and candidate for Congress Bob Healey today said he strongly favors educational choice for all children and, at the federal level, as a Member of Congress he would support innovative teaching options and programs.

Healey: Critical Race Theory (CRT) Dishonors MLK Legacy

September 8, 2022

Local business owner and candidate for Congress Bob Healey today said that the use of critical race theory (CRT) in K-12 education is “antithetical to the words and vision of Dr. Martin Luther King” and called on incumbent Andy Kim, card-carrying member of the radical Progressive Caucus, to unequivocally denounce it.

Healey Says Protection of “All of Our Children Must Become National Priority”

September 7, 2022

Business owner Bob Healey today issued a statement suggesting all Americans regardless of their political stripe to join in a national effort to protect children in public schools.

New Ad Criticizes Rep. Andy Kim on Attacking Women in Sports & Radical Sex Ed Curriculum

September 6, 2022

Burlington County business owner and GOP challenger for Congress in New Jersey’s Third District today launched a web video taking incumbent Congressman Andy Kim to task for voting to allow biological males to compete against girls in high school and college sports, and supporting Governor Phil Murphy’s radical sex education curriculum that mandates the teaching of topics like gender identification and sexual orientation to elementary school students.

New Jersey Military Combat Veterans Slam Rep. Andy Kim’s Attack on U.S. Military Men & Women

September 2, 2022

In response to news this week that incumbent Congressman Andy Kim was one of several Democrats launching “The Protection of Civilians in Conflict Caucus”, combat veterans Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-Morris) and Marine Corps Major Nick De Gregorio all slammed incumbent Democrat Andy Kim for what they called “a direct and disrespectful assault on the character and decency of U.S. military men and women.”

Businessowner & Third District House Candidate to Tour 53 Towns in September

September 1, 2022

Beginning at The Cubby Hole in my hometown of Moorestown on September 1st, our campaign will commence a tour of all the towns in the newly re-configured Third Congressional District.

Rep. Kim ‘Talks Good Game’ but Votes 100% for Biden Policies

August 30, 2022

In remarks before the South Jersey Chamber of Commerce, businessowner and candidate for Congress Bob Healey today said ‘Country is in deep trouble’ thanks to Biden’s policies and Kim’s votes.

Healey: Congressman Andy Kim Abusing Congressional Franking Privilege Demonstrates How Out-of-Touch He Is

August 29, 2022

Just over 70 days away from Election Day, and with millions of dollars in campaign cash in the bank, Congressman Andy Kim is spending in excess of $10,000 on political radio ads – funded by taxpayers.

Business Owner and Congressional Candidate Bob Healey to Open Main Bob Healey for Congress Campaign HQ

August 26, 2022

I am both honored and pleased to announce my campaign will be opening its third office in the district, with a new headquarters in Hamilton.

Senator Diane Allen: “Bob Healey Can Help Heal the Dysfunction in Washington”

August 26, 2022

Local business owner and candidate for Congress Bob Healey today announced he has been endorsed by Diane Allen, who retired in 2018 after a legendary tenure in the State Senate, where she was elected over and over again in a heavily Democratic district.