Healey Favors Increasing Mental Health Access Across Nation

July 6, 2022

Moorestown Businessman Suggests Greater Health Access Can Address Crime, etc.

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MOORESTOWN, NJ — Conservative businessman Bob Healey today suggested that as a Member of Congress he would ‘work hard to deliver federal funding’ that expanded access to mental health services.

Healey observed, “Looking at the challenges America faces involving crime, homelessness, suicide and gun violence, mental health seems to be a consequential element in all these problems.”

Healey said, “This should not be a partisan issue where Democrats or Republicans seek political advantage. As citizens and as parents, all of us want to find ways to stop school shootings like the recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. A greater focus on improving access to mental health services is one area among many I would consider supporting as a Member of Congress.”

Among adults in high-income countries, those in the U.S. were most likely to have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions by a doctor.  

In 2016, nearly one-quarter (23%) of U.S. adults reported a mental health diagnosis, compared to fewer than 10 percent of adults in France, the Netherlands, and Germany. 1

Healey cited a series of legislative measures pending in 117th Congress including H.R. 432 2; H.R. 787 3; H.R. 7237; and H.R. 8058 4 which address expanded funding of and access to mental health services.

“There’s no easy, simple answer to the phobias and disorders that plague the human mind and fall within the broad area of mental health.  But I believe this complex question impacts many societal problems and merits our continued study and attention if we care about addressing gun violence and homelessness,” the GOP challenger added.

1 “Mental Health Conditions and Substance Use: Comparing U.S. Needs and Treatment Capacity with Those in Other High-Income Countries”, The Commonwealth Fund,

2 H.R.432 “Mental Health Access Improvement Act of 2021”, Rep. Thompson, Mike (D-CA-5),

3 H.R.787 -“Expanding Student Access to Mental Health Services Act”, Rep. Allen, Rick W. (R-GA-12).

4 H.R.8058 – “Fighting Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Act of 2022”, Rep. Joyce, David P. (R-OH-14).

Healey: Andy Kim is the Real Extremist on Roe v. Wade

July 5, 2022

New Jersey Globe

By Bob Healey

On the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Representative Andy Kim penned an op-ed that was, typically, long on feelings and partisan buzzwords, but short on facts and solutions.

As has become apparent during his 3+ years in office, Congressman Kim excels at partisan talking points, while doing everything in his power to avoid any substantive discussion.  In short, Andy excels at – and is singularly focused on – stoking people’s fears for his own political gain.

As the next Congressman representing the Third Congressional District, I will be different.

First, let me say that I appreciate and respect the passion and emotion on both sides of the debate over Roe v. Wade.  Like any other divisive issue, the only way to begin bridging the gap is through honest conversation about where people stand and how to find common ground.

Here is where I stand: As someone who was raised Catholic, and now a new father, I am personally pro-life.  However, I recognize the need to maintain the right to abortion for women who have been victims of rape or incest, or if taking the pregnancy to term threatens their life.  I also believe compromise can and should be achieved when it comes to first trimester abortions.  I don’t support laws passed by some states that seek to ban abortions before a woman even knows she’s pregnant.

That begs the question: What does Andy Kim believe?  Does anyone in the press ever ask him, or has Andy perfected the art of simply never answering when asked?

While Andy stays silent, based on his co-sponsorship of H.R. 3755, his unflinching support for Governor Murphy’s radical policies here in New Jersey, and his card-carrying membership in the far-left Progressive Caucus in Congress, it’s clear that Andy is the only extremist in this race on the issue of abortion.

Andy Kim supports expanded access to late-term abortions up to the moment of birth.

Andy Kim opposes parental notification for parents of a 15-year old girl seeking an abortion.

Folks, let’s be honest here, Andy’s position – outlined right there in black and white – are wildly out-of-touch with the vast majority of Republicans, Independents, and even Democrats.

Andy is going to tell you that I’m going to support overturning gay marriage or the right to contraception and every other half-baked lie he can think of to scare people into voting for him for two reasons: 1) he can’t defend his own position on abortion; and 2) he will do anything in his power to shift the debate away from rising inflation, soaring crime, and crippling energy prices that are crushing working people and retirees in Burlington, Mercer, and Monmouth Counties.

This November, let us restore moderation and truth to Congress.

Let’s retire Andy Kim and the politics of fear he practices.

Bob Healey is the Republican nominee for Congress in New Jersey’s 3rd district.

Day #22: Andy Kim is Still Hiding

June 29, 2022

For Immediate Release
Contact: Theresa Velardi (732) 682-8923

MOORESTOWN, NJ — Local businessowner and candidate for Congress Bob Healey today issued the following statement:

On his campaign website, Andy Kim promises “…to commit to holding at least one town hall every month. I commit to providing daily reports on what I am working on, who I am meeting with, and how I plan to vote.”

(Andy Kim for Congress website, “My Promise to You”,

On June 7th primary night, I challenged the incumbent congressman to undertake an issue-based campaign that involved a series of town hall style debates, which would seem to be a perfect fit for his public promise.

Over three weeks have passed. It is now day #22 and Andy Kim has still not responded. 

Why is Andy Kim afraid of a respectful exchange of ideas in a public forum? Why does a clearly intelligent and accomplished man, like Congressman Kim, feel the need to be so choreographed and protected by his staff?

Today, I re-issue this challenge, respectfully asking our current representative to recognize that part of his job is explaining his views in a transparent, open meeting – and stress-testing those views in the face of someone who disagrees and is willing to challenge him.”

Healey Says Balanced Budget Law Needed to Restrain Congress

June 28, 2022

Reform Needed After Both Parties Have Spent Uncontrollably

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Contact: Theresa Velardi (732) 682-8923

MOORESTOWN, NJ — Local businessman and candidate for Congress Bob Healey today endorsed the necessity of a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment to ‘halt the damage of Congress’ persistent fiscal recklessness.’

As the Republican-nominated candidate for Congress in NJ-03 District, Healey said, “Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress have taken reckless spending to a new level, but neither party has much to brag about on this front.  It’s time for real reform.”

Added Healey: “A recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report suggested that the federal budget deficit could exceed $1.0 trillion by the end of fiscal year 2022, and legislation to increase the nation’s debt ceiling without any serious contemplation of how to slow spending is all but an annual event.  We need to press pause.”

“Small businesses, average American families, even state governments must live within their budgets.  Only the federal government shows no restraint.  That isn’t going to change with politicians who have worked most, if not all, of their adult lives in government, like Joe Biden and Andy Kim.  They simply don’t understand that nearly half of all hardworking American families are living paycheck to paycheck,” declared Healey. 1

“As a member of Congress, I will push for a constitutional amendment like H. J. Res. 3 that would prohibit the federal government from running annual budget deficits.  During this time of record inflation, exceedingly high debt and economic hardship, Congress needs to get the budget under control.  A Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution would put our country back in the right direction,” said Healey, a Burlington County business owner.

Healey favors a balanced budget law that includes an ‘escape hatch’, allowing in in times of emergencies such as war, depression, etc. to permit deficit spending.

Kim, who first sought office in 2018, has been silent on need to manage federal spending, and has opposed balanced budget amendment. 2

Healey concluded, “Biden’s recent $5.8 trillion budget, supported by Andy Kim, would send our nation further down the rabbit hole of untenable economic peril. That’s why a such a spending requirement is needed now.”

1 “About 41% of workers recently surveyed by WTW reported they are living paycheck to paycheck…”, according to Fortune.

2 Kim Opposes Balanced Budget, Christian Coalition Survey, 07/01/18,

House GOP Leader Endorses Businessman Bob Healey for NJ-03

June 27, 2022

McCarthy Says Voters Deserve a ‘Commonsense’ Voice Not Beholden to Radical Left

For Immediate Release
Contact: Theresa Velardi (732) 682-8923

MOORESTOWN, NJ — Local businessowner and candidate for Congress Bob Healey today received the support of the top Republican in the House of Representatives, Leader Kevin McCarthy.

House Republican Leader McCarthy (R-CA) said in a statement that, “We fully expect New Jersey voters to send to Washington a commonsense businessman who will focus on mainstream policies that get the American economy back on track –and that’s Bob Healey.”

The House Republican Leader added, “In New Jersey last fall to South Texas last week, Americans have made it clear, they’ve had enough of uncontrolled borders, uncontrolled crime, and uncontrolled prices at the pump and the grocery store.  They’ve had enough of congressmen like Andy Kim who continue to blindly push the Biden ‘keep spending more’ agenda.”

Recently, the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) added Bob Healey, the Republican nominee for New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district, to their Young Guns program for top-tier candidates. 1

Healey, a lifelong Burlington resident said, “Our campaign is gratified to be recognized by the national Republicans as it’s an important recognition.  My focus going forward is to communicate with voters about sensible federal policies that do not adversely impact economic prosperity as has the Biden-Kim team’s radical energy policies and inflationary spending spree.”

1 “Healey had previously been on the NRCC’s On the Radar list, …. His victory in last week’s primary, however, was evidently enough to get the NRCC to promote him to the Young Guns list…”,, New Jersey Globe, 0614/22.

Statement of Bob Healey Re: SCOTUS Decision Overturning Roe V. Wade

June 24, 2022

For Immediate Release
Contact: Theresa Velardi (732) 682-8923

MOORESTOWN, NJ — Local businessowner and candidate for Congress Bob Healey today issued the following statement:

“Today’s decision was expected and, despite the scare tactics my opponent will promote, it changes nothing regarding New Jersey law.  My position on this issue is clear and it is mainstream: I am personally pro-life, while believing that women should have the legal right to an abortion in cases of rape or incest, or if continuing to term could threaten the woman’s life.

The only person in this race with extreme views on abortion is Congressman Andy Kim, who sides with Governor Murphy and other radicals in his party who believe in expanded access to late-term abortions, long after a baby is viable and could live a healthy life outside the womb, and that 15-year-old girls seeking an abortion should not have to notify their parents first.  Those are extreme positions and Andy Kim should have to explain why he holds them.”

Healey Says Energy Independence Is Key to Lower Gas Prices

June 23, 2022

Challenges Kim to Abandon Leftwing Ideology & Support Increased Energy Production

For Immediate Release
Contact: Theresa Velardi (732) 682-8923

MOORESTOWN, NJ — Congressional candidate Bob Healey said today that he believes the solution to high gas prices ‘begins and ends with creating the right incentives for American energy independence.’

“Since Joe Biden’s first day in office, he’s been demonizing the energy industry and threatening their destruction.  In his first week in office, Biden cancelled a significant pipeline and began a war on American oil and gas companies.  Now, Mr. Biden is blaming this same industry for not producing enough gas when his army of bureaucrats has spent the last 16 months putting up every possible regulatory roadblock to fulfill his campaign promise of putting this industry out of business,” observed Healey.

Healey noted, “At the same time, Andy Kim sits in Washington silent on an issue that’s wreaking havoc on his constituents.  Andy wants the chance to continue to represent us in Congress, yet when you go to his campaign website, 1 there is not a word about how to lower gas prices.”

“Worse still, as a member of the so-called Progressive Caucus, Congressman Kim subscribes to an ideology that believes the solution to high gas prices is electric vehicles. But even if the average American family could afford tomorrow to buy an EV, there’s one problem Andy Kim doesn’t mention:  natural gas and coal are the largest sources of energy for electricity generation.” 2

“Andy and his leftwing House colleagues believe electricity just comes from the wall socket ignoring the reality that it is fossil fuels that are the underlying source of power. It’s one the thing to be in favor of ‘clean’ energy sources but radical climate change worshippers even reject clean energy sources like natural gas, hydro power and nuclear,” added the Republican candidate for congress.

“Andy Kim needs to explain to voters why he deserves re-election when he offers no solutions. I, for one, believe the way to reduce gas prices is to increase supply and that means removing roadblocks for the energy production industry to produce more.  During a national crisis of daily gas price hikes, streamlining the permitting process, expanding development and increasing the construction of pipelines and refineries would support the industry America relies on,” explained Healey.

“Silent Andy isn’t representing Third District voters when he offers no solution and simply hides behind the quaint and impractical ideas of a Green New Deal,” added Healey, a lifelong New Jerseyan.

1 The Andy Kim for Congress website — — lists under ‘Issues’ only: 1. Strengthening Your Healthcare; 2. Protecting Our Environment; 3. Investing in Families 4. Supporting Small Businesses & Creating Jobs 5.  Serving Our Veterans, Servicemembers & Military Families.”

2 “Fossil fuels are the largest sources of energy for electricity generation”, U.S. Energy Information Administration,

Healey Invites Biden & Kim to Tour Viking Yacht, Learn How the Economy Works

June 22, 2022

GOP challenger says recent Biden comments highlight how career politicians and D.C. insiders don’t have a clue about how the real world works

For Immediate Release
Contact: Theresa Velardi (732) 682-8923

MOORESTOWN, NJ – Successful business owner and Republican candidate for Congress in NJ-03, Bob Healey, today invited President Joe Biden and Congressman Andy Kim to join him for a personal tour of Viking Yacht’s manufacturing floor so the pair could hear firsthand from the men and women building boats and get a real-world lesson in how the economy works.

Healey’s challenge comes on the heels of President Biden’s comments to reporters gathered on a Delaware beach this week that: “If you’re going out and buying a yacht, it doesn’t help the economy a whole lot.”

“Joe Biden and Andy Kim are creatures of Washington – President Biden for longer than I’ve been alive and Andy for most of his adult life – and it’s why neither of them have a clue how the economy works, nor how working families put food on the table or put their kids through school,” said Healey.  “President Biden’s tired ‘tax the rich’ rhetoric – which Andy Kim parrots every time he gets a chance – ignores the fact that when someone buys a high-end boat, that boat is built by working men and women who make a living on the floor of our manufacturing plant right here in South Jersey.  Moreover, that boat owner – at least as it relates to Viking – are going to need to buy supplies from a bait and tackle shop owned by a small business person and they are going to need to house that boat at a dock owned and staffed by a small business person.”

Healey said Biden and Kim would do well to visit his plant and personally speak with and listen to the men and women – people of every race, color, and creed – and understand that plans to raise taxes on so-called luxury items has a direct impact on the working and middle class.

“My guess is they will turn down my offer, but it is a serious one,” said Healey. “I invite the President and Congressman to come to our facility and ask any of our 1600 employees what yacht manufacturing has meant for their families. President Biden and Andy Kim need to hear these stories and understand them, so we don’t repeat the same mistakes of the past, like when disastrous tax policy in the 1990’s led to our workforce being slashed and good people being out of work.  Before Biden and Kim repeat those mistakes, they should look the people they will be hurting in the eyes and tell them why.”

Healey: ‘Protecting Social Security Is Immediate National Priority’

June 21, 2022

A Program that Supports 70 million Citizens Requires Urgent Action by Democrat-Congress

For Immediate Release
Contact: Theresa Velardi (732) 682-8923

MOORESTOWN, NJ — Local businessowner and Candidate for Congress Bob Healey today criticized the Biden Administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress for ‘dropping the ball’ on Social Security program.

A report released recently by the Social Security and Medicare trustees suggested that Social Security recipients will stop receiving their full benefits around 2035 if the Democrat-controlled Congress does not act. 

As the Republican candidate seeking election to Congress in NJ-03 District, Healey said, “It’s incomprehensible that a program that provides the most basic support to almost one in five Americans is in financial jeopardy. 1

“The Democrat-controlled Congress dithers with its woke agenda while America goes broke. Rep. Kim’s unswerving support for the Biden Administration’s wild spending policies overlooks one fundamental fact: with socialism, sooner or later one runs out of spending other people’s money,” declared Healey.  

“In 2020, Congress rightly responded to a once-in-a-century pandemic and spent 4.6 trillion in Covid relief programs. However, spending is a never-ending 24/7 exercise for Democrats like Congressman Kim, who irresponsibly pushed Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ program with an estimated cost to taxpayers of more than $2 trillion in additional spending,” said Healey, a Moorestown homeowner.

“Back to basics needs to be the mission now for Members of Congress.  Absent prompt, deliberate attention to rebuilding the Social Security, the program will simply not exist when our kids are retirement age,” noted Healey.  

“Congressman Kim and his colleagues need to put aside their socialist dreams and tell voters what action they are taking right now to protect Social Security.  Anything less would be an act of bad faith by our Washington representatives,” concluded Healey, a lifelong New Jerseyan.

Healey, a father of a young daughter, suggested, “Enough is enough. The party with majority-control in both the US Senate and House must re-focus its priorities from creating more social welfare spending to acting with urgency and discipline to sustain arguably the most important federal program relied on by so many.”

1 “Some 69.1 million Americans receive financial benefit from the Social Security program”, according to the Social Security Administration’s own website.

GOP House Whip Endorses Businessman Bob Healey

June 20, 2022

Republican Whip Steve Scalise Backs ‘Commonsense’ Conservative

For Immediate Release
Contact: Theresa Velardi (732) 682-8923

MOORESTOWN, NJ — Bob Healey’s congressional campaign today announced it has received the backing of a leading House Republican with the formal endorsement of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) who serves as House Minority Whip.

As the second ranking Republican in the House, Scalise said, “It’s exciting to see young, business-tested individuals like Bob Healey offering voters a commonsense alternative to the radical policies of the Democrats in Washington.  One of the problems with our friends across the aisle is that their caucus is filled with people who have never worked in the private sector and who do not understand basic economic fundamentals and job creation.”

The House Republicans leader added, “Bob Healey is precisely the kind of representative New Jersey needs—someone who’s managed an enterprise and met a payroll. Our citizens have seen the devastating impact of policies crafted by ideologues and ivory tower elites.”

Last week the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) added Bob Healey, the Republican nominee for New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district, to their Young Guns program for top-tier candidates. 1

A resident of Moorestown, Healey acknowledge Rep. Scalise’s support, saying, “We are honored to be recognized by GOP leaders like Minority Whip Scalise and I hope our campaign continues to earn endorsements, most especially, from my fellow citizens of the Third congressional district.”

1 “Healey had previously been on the NRCC’s On the Radar list, …. His victory in last week’s primary, however, was evidently enough to get the NRCC to promote him to the Young Guns list…”,, New Jersey Globe, 06/14/22.