Healey Launches New Crime Ad Detailing Congressman’s ‘Soft on Crime’ Silence

October 17, 2022

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Contact: Theresa Velardi
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MOORESTOWN, NJ – Burlington County business owner and Republican candidate for Congress Bob Healey today issued the following statement:

“Considering Andy Kim’s troubling affiliations with multiple far-left resistance groups, it’s no surprise that our representative remains utterly silent on the issue of crime.  His lack of concern for public safety is part of a pattern of indifference which is why my campaign is releasing this ad to highlight his disappointing record. 

The Healey for Congress campaign ad features a Burlington County resident who was the victim of a break-in, saying, ‘Andy Kim’s policies encourage crime’ and ‘I do not’ think [Kim] ‘supports the police.’

Following the 2016 Election, Kim founded the Rise Stronger group, whose many radical positions routinely included espousing anti-law enforcement and antisemitic sentiments online.

In an overt display of disdain for law enforcement, Kim’s Rise Stronger group listed a book by convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal in their “Library of Resistance”.1

Kim’s RISE Stronger organization also promoted left-wing Indivisible, a group that believes ‘ICE, CBP, & police departments’ are organizations of “hate,” “uphold systemic racism,” are “rooted in white supremacy,” terrorize minorities, and must be defunded.’2

Kim has been a member of “Friends of Our Revolution South Jersey.” Our Revolution South Jersey is the local affiliate of Our Revolution, which supports cashless bail.3

Kim has also been a member of “DFA–NJ.” DFA–NJ is the local affiliate of Democracy for America, which actively supports defunding the police.4

And, even now, Kim’s official website lists seven issues of concern (‘Small Business/ Healthcare/Veterans/Military Families /Infrastructure/Money in Politics/ Opioids & Addiction’), but no mention of public safety or crime. 

The best you can say about Andy Kim’s lack of support for law enforcement is that his indifference as a private citizen on this issue has carried through to his career on the public payroll.  

Over the last few years that Congressman Kim’s Progressive Caucus colleagues have trashed law enforcement and called for defunding the police, our representative has been shamefully silent. 

Frankly, it’s wrong for Andy to happily brag about federal grants for law enforcement while he refuses to stand up for police officers and supports policies that make their jobs harder.” 

1 The Library Listed “We Want Freedom: A Life In The Black Panther Party,” Written By Mumia Abu-Jamal. (GoodReads, “Library Of Resistance,” Accessed 1/8/20)  (GoodReads, “Library Of Resistance,” Accessed 1/8/20)  Mumia Abu-Jamal Was Convicted Of Killing A Philadelphia Police Officer In 1981.  “Supporters of former death-row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal demonstrated outside the Criminal  Justice Center in Center City Philadelphia as the convicted killer of a police officer fought for a new appeal hearing inside a packed courtroom. Abu-Jamal, 64, is serving a life sentence without  the possibility of parole for gunning down Officer Daniel Faulkner in Center City in 1981.” (NBC10 Staff, “Convicted Officer Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal Fights For New Appeal,” NBC 10 Philadelphia, 4/30/18).

2 Indivisible is a movement of thousands of group leaders and more than a million members taking regular, iterative, and increasingly complex actions to resist the GOPs agenda, elect local champions, and fight for progressive policies.” About Us, Indivisible, Accessed 6/3/20.

3 “Find a Local Group: Our Revolution South Jersey,” Our Revolution, Accessed 12/27/21.

4 “DFA Groups,” Democracy for America, Accessed 12/27/21.

“Less Safe”

Jess: A criminal broke into our house and he remains on the loose.

Newscast: Here is the man that police say broke into a Burlington County home while the family was still inside.

Less: With Andy Kim as my congressman I feel like it will happen again

Andy Kim’s policies encourage crime

I do not think he supports the police

Andy Kim is not making this town safe at all

Bob Healey’s definitely going to keep us safe

Bob: Unlike Andy Kim, the safety of our communities will be a top priority for me in Congress

I’m Bob Healey and I approve this message.