Kim Cancels Italian Americans’ Holiday with Woke Ideology

October 10, 2022

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Contact: Theresa Velardi
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MOORESTOWN, NJ — Burlington County business owner and congressional challenger Bob Healey today issued the following statement:

“On this Columbus Day 2022 I wish to recognize and pay tribute to Italian immigrants and Italian Americans who have contributed so much to the commerce and culture of America.

Columbus Day is a U.S. holiday that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492.  

It is extremely regrettable that last year when Congressman Kim was not up for reelection, he jumped on the woke bandwagon in seeking to replace this commemorative holiday with ‘Indigenous People’s Day.’

Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with celebrating Native Americans with their own national holiday — the problem is with those like Andy Kim who wish to re-write or worse erase history and effectively pit one group against another.

For a great many of Andy’s constituents that he claims ‘he’s fighting for,’ Columbus Day is an important way of both honoring Columbus’ achievements and celebrating Italian-American heritage. The vast majority of this district’s voters are hardworking people who want a common sense moderate representing them — that’s not Andy Kim. Canceling Columbus Day is just another example of the Congressman’s extreme, radical ideology. Whether it is his support for cutting the defense budget by 10% impacting the Joint Base, or his silence in defending law enforcement, or his support for teaching sex ed to second graders, Andy Kim is out of step with the values and beliefs of the people he represents. 

Worse still, the Third Congressional District is home to thousands of Italian Americans and the politically correct actions of Andy Kim frankly are a great insult to his constituents, their ancestors and their heritage. 

We have in Congressman Kim, the poster boy for this current woke fad.  

One historian explained the extremist thinking behind Kim’s actions as a threat to democracy, saying, people like Andy believe: “Language, history, art, music, literature and education should be cleansed of all offenses, real or not, present or past, against members of these racial or gender ‘minority communities’. New words, euphemisms, periphrases, appear to replace those now deemed offensive. As in George Orwell’s “1984”, the idea is to prevent the expression of critical ideas by changing the vocabulary. The word…”mother” by “parent who gives birth”, etc. ….1

Columbus Day holiday honors the work, sacrifice and contributions of Italian-Americans and, for the record, I’m in full support unlike our current congressman.”

Note: A partial but representative listing of the criticisms Rep. Kim received last year from his constituents denouncing his cancel culture move is attached to this statement.

1 “Why the ideologies behind ‘Woke’ and Cancel Culture are putting our democracy in jeopardy ,” Thierry Vissol,, 09/15/22.

Partial Listing of Constituent Comments/Responses to
Andy Kim’s Canceling Columbus Day Facebook Post

  1. Andy Kim Constituent: “It will always be Columbus Day PERIOD! Will not forget History Good or Bad!” 19 Likes
  2. Andy Kim Constituent: “Stop jumping on the bandwagon congressman and if you want to celebrate Native Americans, pick another day. This isn’t about being more sensitive, this is another attempt to erase our history. The Democratic Party is destroying our nation.” 15 Likes
  3. Andy Kim Constituent: “Andy Kim added to the list of people that need to be voted out for good. When will people of good courage stop this nonsense. The time is at hand.” 20 Likes
  4. Andy Kim Constituent: “Happy Columbus Day.” 29 Likes
  5. Andy Kim Constituent: “Happy Columbus Day!!…and it is still the Tappanzee Bridge. Stop renaming things and erasing history.” 16 Likes
  6. Andy Kim Constituent: “Happy Columbus Day!” 28 Likes
  7. Andy Kim Constituent: “Hey Andy! You spelled Columbus Day wrong” 25 Likes
  8. Andy Kim Constituent: “This is another Joe Manchin face in hands moment.” 7 Likes
  9. Andy Kim Constituent: “Why do you hate Italians? We make up most of your district!” 5 Likes
  10. Andy Kim Constituent: “Happy Italian Heritage Day. You already don’t celebrate the month. Give us a day” 9 Likes