Rep. Kim’s Support for 87,000 IRS Agents Equals Harassment for Business

September 22, 2022

For Immediate Release
Contact: Theresa Velardi
(732) 682-8923

MOORESTOWN, NJ — Burlington County business owner and congressional challenger Bob Healey today issued the following statement:

“While Garden State small businesses get crushed with inflation and higher taxes, Congressman Kim votes for $80 billion more in taxpayer money to supersize the IRS bureaucracy.

Of course individuals should pay their taxes and most do so willingly, but thanks to Andy Kim’s ‘work’ in Congress, this federal bureaucracy will be much better staffed to hunt down more revenue through more harassing audits of small business owners and middle-class families. 

The incumbent’s claims to be an advocate for small business ring hollow when one looks at the Congressman’s votes. No wonder the nation’s leading small business advocacy group, the NFIB, rejected his candidacy and endorsed me.

Andy’s endorsement of an army of 87,000 new IRS agents will lead to nearly one million additional audits per year on Americans making less than $200,000. Many of these wage earners are small business owners,  according to a House Ways & Means report.1 Republicans attempted to introduce an IRS audit protection amendment for taxpayers, which would guarantee the IRS could not use the additional funding to audit taxpayers earning under $400,000. Unfortunately, Democrats in Washington voted against the amendment.

It simply defies logic for a politician like Andy to call himself an advocate for small business, and then endorse policies that adversely impact small businesses.   

One of the country’s most respected business journals said of the bill that it represents a ‘tax increase on every American’.2

I think Congressman Kim should seriously consider resigning his seat on the House Small Business Committee, and allow someone truly committed to helping business owners and entrepreneurs to take his place. As it stands, Kim’s actions and inactions show he’s just taking up space on this important policy committee.”

For more information on Congressman Kim’s extreme views go to:

1 “With 87,000 new IRS Agents, More Audits On ALL Taxpayers,” Statement of Rep. Kevin Brady, Ranking Member, House Ways & Means Committee, 08/6/22

2 “The Schumer-Manchin Tax Increase on Everyone,”, Wall Street Journal, 8/31/22