Healey Campaign New AD: Who’s Best Able To Fight For New Jersey?

September 16, 2022

For Immediate Release
Contact: Theresa Velardi
(732) 682-8923

MARLBORO, NJ — Healey for Congress campaign manager Theresa Furmato Velardi, announced the campaign’s third ad today, airing on cable television and digital platforms throughout Monmouth, Burlington, and Mercer Counties.

“This new ad showcases Bob Healey just as he is – an outsider and different kind of Republican. Andy Kim is a creature of Washington and a 100% rubber stamp for his party. We need someone willing to shake it up instead…and throw a few elbows,” said Velardi, saying the ad was a nod to Healey’s time spent in a touring band during and after college.

Velardi observed, “In Congressman Kim’s most recent commercial, he claims ‘he’s fighting for us’, but what has he actually done? He promised to restore the SALT deduction, but didn’t even try to get it done. He promised to be an independent thinker, but votes with his party 100% of the time. He promised to be a moderate, but joined the most far-left, radical caucus in the Congress – people who want to defund the police and usher in socialism. When you look up false advertising in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Andy Kim smiling back at you.”

Velardi added, “While this ad humorously uses MTV style logos, band posters and t-shirts to drive our candidate’s political message, Bob Healey is very serious about giving the Third District voters a choice this November between a common-sense businessman and an ineffective Congressman who is too weak to stand, fight, and win for New Jersey families.”

The Healey campaign spot was shot entirely on location at Dadz Bar in Lumberton, New Jersey.

The ad spot “MADHOUSE” is: 30 second and can be watched HERE!

The script can be found below.

Washington’s a madhouse.
Politicians dancing along to an insane tune – 
giving us skyrocketing gas prices, soul crushing grocery bills, and making it harder to get by. 

I’m Bob Healey. While my moshpit days are behind me, I’m not afraid to throw an elbow and get things done, like 
Cutting spending to fight inflation
Expanding energy production to bring down gas prices
Standing with cops and cracking down on crime.

Enough of this madness – we need a change. I’m Bob Healey and I approve this message.