Andy Kim’s “Expertise” on Afghanistan Questionable

September 15, 2022

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MOORESTOWN, NJ – Burlington County business owner and congressional challenger Bob Healey today issued the following statement:

Congressman Kim has shown himself to be a true radical when hanging out with his Progressive Caucus colleagues in Washington.

Unfortunately, thanks to the Congressman’s PR driven flurry of newsletters and self-congratulatory social media comments, what voters back home don’t see is Andy Kim’s failure to actually do his job as our representative, and the debacle in Afghanistan is a perfect example of Andy dropping the ball.

In April of 2021, Rep. Kim praised Biden’s plan to pull out of Afghanistan. Kim said at the time, ‘Our military has decimated Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and prevented them from regaining safe haven…We will stay vigilant against terrorism threats, whether in Afghanistan or anywhere in the world, and continue to make the security of our homeland our top priority.’

Since the disastrous US withdrawal led by the Biden Administration, Andy Kim, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has tried to pass the blame. 

The congressman’s stated position is that the fall of the Afghan government ‘was a failure for our nation across four presidencies of both parties.’ The self-described ‘national security expert’ now wants to set up a commission to study why an immediate withdrawal of troops would cause a collapse of a nascent government. 

The town meetings and the tweets are the easy part of the job. What the Third District needs is a serious representative who is focused on government accountability. Andy left Afghans to claw for their lives, all because Joe Biden demanded it. Andy Kim didn’t oppose the withdrawal … he celebrated it. Now women and girls are sentenced to a life of abuse and servitude, while Congressman Kim waxes poetic back home about what a champion he is for the rights of women. He should ask the women in Kabul if they agree.

After the failure, Andy Kim was nowhere to be found—just crickets– didn’t even criticize the Biden fiasco, of which even the left wing Washington Post said, ‘The debacle in Afghanistan is the worst kind: Avoidable.’[1]

A House Foreign Affairs Committee report, published one year after the country’s capital fell to the Taliban, details the Biden administration’s failure to adequately plan for and execute the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.[2] And still ‘no comment’ from Andy Kim.

Andy Kim was wrong in his initial judgment, wrong in his silence when Biden proposed the expedited withdrawal and after the debacle, Rep. Kim is wrong in wasting tax dollars to study Biden’s failed implementation of the US pullout of Afghanistan.

New Jersey doesn’t have a voice – because Andy Kim doesn’t stand up on the hard issues. He’s just another generic Democrat – and we deserve so much better.”

For more information on Congressman Kim’s extreme views go to

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