Healey Says Protection of “All of Our Children Must Become National Priority”

September 7, 2022

For Immediate Release
Contact: Theresa Velardi
(732) 682-8923

MOORESTOWN, NJ — Business owner Bob Healey today issued a statement suggesting all Americans regardless of their political stripe to join in a national effort to protect children in public schools.

“As our children go back to school, we, in the same way America was united after 9/11, should stand as one nation to protect young innocent life on school grounds,” said Healey, the parent of a one-year-old girl.  “Washington just spent billions to hire tens of thousands of IRS agents to harass middle-class families and small business owners, but we can’t agree it’s a priority to fund the hiring of armed police officers or trained security guards in every American school that wants one?  That is unacceptable, and a complete failure by those in power, like my opponent, Congressman Andy Kim.”

“I share in the grief and horror of every parent who has been witness to violence at schools. Regardless of one’s political viewpoint, we as parents and as citizens must come together and make security at schools a national priority.”

“I support common sense gun safety laws that get guns out of the hands of people with mental illness and who are a threat to harm themselves or others, while also protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans,” said Healey.  “But the never-ending political fight over 2A rights should not prevent Republicans and Democrats working together to make school safety a national priority.”

“Putting a police officer at every school is clearly a great challenge, but it is a worthy test for all of us in our respective communities from our police to public officials to our educators. Frankly there’s nothing more important, and we need to act now, together,” the GOP challenger added.