Rep. Kim ‘Talks Good Game’ but Votes 100% for Biden Policies

August 30, 2022

Congressman’s Votes Make Clear We Need to Change Our Representation

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Mount Laurel, NJ — In remarks before the South Jersey Chamber of Commerce, businessowner and candidate for Congress Bob Healey today said ‘Country is in deep trouble’ thanks to Biden’s policies and Kim’s votes.

Healey, a lifelong Burlington County resident, spoke before the Chamber’s Congressional Action Committee sponsored forum in which Andy Kim, the incumbent Congressman, participated.

During the forum, Healey noted, “President Biden, like Congressman Kim, came into office promising bipartisanship, promising moderation, and promising commonsense solutions. Instead, they’ve both pursued a rigidly partisan agenda that has hurt our economy, diminished our standing on the world stage, and divided Americans more than ever before.”

Healey also criticized Kim for serving as a rubber stamp, voting “with President Biden and his Administration 100% of the time. Not 96%. Not 98%. 100 percent of the time.”

Congressman Kim also voluntarily joined the Progressive Caucus, which is comprised of the most extreme, far-left members of the House of Representatives.

In his comments, Healey made clear, “I am not running to attack Andy Kim the person… when it comes to the policies that Congressman Kim supports and votes for, it’s clear to me that we need a change… and we need it now.”