Healey: Congressman Andy Kim Abusing Congressional Franking Privilege Demonstrates How Out-of-Touch He Is

August 29, 2022

GOP challenger says incumbent should reimburse taxpayers for running campaign ads on the taxpayer’s dime

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Moorestown, August 29, 2022 – Just over 70 days away from Election Day, and with millions of dollars in campaign cash in the bank, Congressman Andy Kim is spending in excess of $10,000 on political radio ads – funded by taxpayers.

According to the NJ101.5 public file, JL Media filed a rate request on August 26 for a :30 radio ad for Congressman Andy Kim. The buy started the next day during the 8:00 A.M. block, promoting an ad that “encourages constituents in the Third District of New Jersey to call U.S. Rep. Andy Kim’s office if they are experiencing problems with Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Affairs or any other federal agency/office.”

“Congressman Kim’s decision to spend taxpayer dollars on what amounts to a campaign ad just 70 days before Election Day is basically a giant middle-finger to struggling taxpayers throughout Burlington, Mercer, and Monmouth Counties. All while passing legislation that will employ a larger government state to go after their wallets in the form of IRS enforcement,” said business owner and GOP challenger Bob Healey. “Andy Kim likes to pretend he’s different, but this stunt proves he’s nothing more than an out-of-touch, tone-deaf Washington insider who could not care less about the working families, seniors, and small businesses he is supposed to be representing.”