House Campaign Chair Describes Democrats Like Kim as ‘Out of Touch’

August 23, 2022

Candid Interview by Dem Chief Spot-On Re: Third District Rep

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MOORESTOWN, NJ — Burlington County businessowner and Republican candidate for Congress Bob Healey today issued the following statement:

“In an interview last week, the head of the House Democratic Campaign Committee came suspiciously close to identifying our Congressman Andy Kim as ‘out of touch’ and ‘elitist.’

The chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Rep. Sean Maloney, explained to the New York Times, that: ‘…most of the voters … think that we’re out of touch, they think we’re elitist, we think we are better than they are.’ 1

Maloney went on to describe Andy Kim to a tee … ‘Voters want nothing to do with Democrats’ progressive agenda’. 2 Andy Kim, unlike most of the NJ delegation’s House Democrats, is a member of the extreme left House Progressive Caucus.

The DCCC leader added, ‘Democrats don’t talk like human beings … If you listen to the way we talk and communicate, it is not the way my voters talk. It’s not the way my neighbors talk, it’s not the way my family talks. If I’m talking to a sheet metal worker in Pine Bush, he doesn’t talk about communities of color, he doesn’t use the word “rubric.” He doesn’t talk about — the first-generation folks working in Newburgh don’t use the word “Latinx.” Most people don’t understand who are cisgender, why they need to put pronouns on their email signature.’ 3

The New York Congressman further confessed, ‘The American Rescue Plan did help drive inflation, but Americans should be grateful Democrats didn’t do Build Back Better’. 4 Rep. Andy Kim still holds the position that so-called ‘American Rescue Plan’ wasn’t inflationary, and brags about voting for a bill to double the budget of the IRS.”

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