Will Andy Kim Be the Next Biden Rubberstamp to Cut and Run from the President?

August 19, 2022

GOP Challenger cites growing number of Democrats jumping ship

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MOORESTOWN, NJ — Republican candidate for Congress Bob Healey today issued the following statement:

“Despite 20 months of Biden-Pelosi policy failures – from skyrocketing inflation, gas & food prices, to putting the IRS on steroids with 87,000 more agents – Congressman Andy Kim continues to vote for Joe Biden’s failed agenda 100% of the time.

Rep. Kim seems determined to go down with the ship—voting just last Friday with Biden & Pelosi for a bill that raises taxes on the middle class and, again, fails to restore the SALT deduction that he promised for nearly four years to restore.  

Despite posing as a moderate when he’s back in New Jersey, when in Washington, the Progressive Caucus member Andy Kim is a hardcore partisan, voting 100% in lockstep with Joe Biden. 

Some Democrats are realizing that sticking with Biden is a losing strategy and now, facing November defeat, are scrambling to abandon ship and declare their independence.

The real question now is when will the Kim campaign start running ads claiming that he’s an independent thinker, rather than the Biden clone he’s been for the last two years?  

From promising to oppose Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and then voting for her anyway; to pretending to be a moderate and then joining the radical progressive caucus; to campaigning on restoring the SALT deduction and then failing to get it done; Andy Kim’s record is littered with saying one thing and doing another.  So, Andy, tell us, how long till you start running ads bailing on Biden to save your own skin?”