House GOP Leader Endorses Businessman Bob Healey for NJ-03

June 27, 2022

McCarthy Says Voters Deserve a ‘Commonsense’ Voice Not Beholden to Radical Left

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MOORESTOWN, NJ — Local businessowner and candidate for Congress Bob Healey today received the support of the top Republican in the House of Representatives, Leader Kevin McCarthy.

House Republican Leader McCarthy (R-CA) said in a statement that, “We fully expect New Jersey voters to send to Washington a commonsense businessman who will focus on mainstream policies that get the American economy back on track –and that’s Bob Healey.”

The House Republican Leader added, “In New Jersey last fall to South Texas last week, Americans have made it clear, they’ve had enough of uncontrolled borders, uncontrolled crime, and uncontrolled prices at the pump and the grocery store.  They’ve had enough of congressmen like Andy Kim who continue to blindly push the Biden ‘keep spending more’ agenda.”

Recently, the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) added Bob Healey, the Republican nominee for New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district, to their Young Guns program for top-tier candidates. 1

Healey, a lifelong Burlington resident said, “Our campaign is gratified to be recognized by the national Republicans as it’s an important recognition.  My focus going forward is to communicate with voters about sensible federal policies that do not adversely impact economic prosperity as has the Biden-Kim team’s radical energy policies and inflationary spending spree.”

1 “Healey had previously been on the NRCC’s On the Radar list, …. His victory in last week’s primary, however, was evidently enough to get the NRCC to promote him to the Young Guns list…”,, New Jersey Globe, 0614/22.