Healey Says Energy Independence Is Key to Lower Gas Prices

June 23, 2022

Challenges Kim to Abandon Leftwing Ideology & Support Increased Energy Production

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MOORESTOWN, NJ — Congressional candidate Bob Healey said today that he believes the solution to high gas prices ‘begins and ends with creating the right incentives for American energy independence.’

“Since Joe Biden’s first day in office, he’s been demonizing the energy industry and threatening their destruction.  In his first week in office, Biden cancelled a significant pipeline and began a war on American oil and gas companies.  Now, Mr. Biden is blaming this same industry for not producing enough gas when his army of bureaucrats has spent the last 16 months putting up every possible regulatory roadblock to fulfill his campaign promise of putting this industry out of business,” observed Healey.

Healey noted, “At the same time, Andy Kim sits in Washington silent on an issue that’s wreaking havoc on his constituents.  Andy wants the chance to continue to represent us in Congress, yet when you go to his campaign website, 1 there is not a word about how to lower gas prices.”

“Worse still, as a member of the so-called Progressive Caucus, Congressman Kim subscribes to an ideology that believes the solution to high gas prices is electric vehicles. But even if the average American family could afford tomorrow to buy an EV, there’s one problem Andy Kim doesn’t mention:  natural gas and coal are the largest sources of energy for electricity generation.” 2

“Andy and his leftwing House colleagues believe electricity just comes from the wall socket ignoring the reality that it is fossil fuels that are the underlying source of power. It’s one the thing to be in favor of ‘clean’ energy sources but radical climate change worshippers even reject clean energy sources like natural gas, hydro power and nuclear,” added the Republican candidate for congress.

“Andy Kim needs to explain to voters why he deserves re-election when he offers no solutions. I, for one, believe the way to reduce gas prices is to increase supply and that means removing roadblocks for the energy production industry to produce more.  During a national crisis of daily gas price hikes, streamlining the permitting process, expanding development and increasing the construction of pipelines and refineries would support the industry America relies on,” explained Healey.

“Silent Andy isn’t representing Third District voters when he offers no solution and simply hides behind the quaint and impractical ideas of a Green New Deal,” added Healey, a lifelong New Jerseyan.

1 The Andy Kim for Congress website — https://www.andykim.com — lists under ‘Issues’ only: 1. Strengthening Your Healthcare; 2. Protecting Our Environment; 3. Investing in Families 4. Supporting Small Businesses & Creating Jobs 5.  Serving Our Veterans, Servicemembers & Military Families.”

2 “Fossil fuels are the largest sources of energy for electricity generation”, U.S. Energy Information Administration, https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/electricity/electricity-in-the-us.php.