Healey: ‘Protecting Social Security Is Immediate National Priority’

June 21, 2022

A Program that Supports 70 million Citizens Requires Urgent Action by Democrat-Congress

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MOORESTOWN, NJ — Local businessowner and Candidate for Congress Bob Healey today criticized the Biden Administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress for ‘dropping the ball’ on Social Security program.

A report released recently by the Social Security and Medicare trustees suggested that Social Security recipients will stop receiving their full benefits around 2035 if the Democrat-controlled Congress does not act. 

As the Republican candidate seeking election to Congress in NJ-03 District, Healey said, “It’s incomprehensible that a program that provides the most basic support to almost one in five Americans is in financial jeopardy. 1

“The Democrat-controlled Congress dithers with its woke agenda while America goes broke. Rep. Kim’s unswerving support for the Biden Administration’s wild spending policies overlooks one fundamental fact: with socialism, sooner or later one runs out of spending other people’s money,” declared Healey.  

“In 2020, Congress rightly responded to a once-in-a-century pandemic and spent 4.6 trillion in Covid relief programs. However, spending is a never-ending 24/7 exercise for Democrats like Congressman Kim, who irresponsibly pushed Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ program with an estimated cost to taxpayers of more than $2 trillion in additional spending,” said Healey, a Moorestown homeowner.

“Back to basics needs to be the mission now for Members of Congress.  Absent prompt, deliberate attention to rebuilding the Social Security, the program will simply not exist when our kids are retirement age,” noted Healey.  

“Congressman Kim and his colleagues need to put aside their socialist dreams and tell voters what action they are taking right now to protect Social Security.  Anything less would be an act of bad faith by our Washington representatives,” concluded Healey, a lifelong New Jerseyan.

Healey, a father of a young daughter, suggested, “Enough is enough. The party with majority-control in both the US Senate and House must re-focus its priorities from creating more social welfare spending to acting with urgency and discipline to sustain arguably the most important federal program relied on by so many.”

1 “Some 69.1 million Americans receive financial benefit from the Social Security program”, according to the Social Security Administration’s own website. https://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/chartbooks/fast_facts/2020/fast_facts20.html