GOP House Whip Endorses Businessman Bob Healey

June 20, 2022

Republican Whip Steve Scalise Backs ‘Commonsense’ Conservative

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MOORESTOWN, NJ — Bob Healey’s congressional campaign today announced it has received the backing of a leading House Republican with the formal endorsement of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) who serves as House Minority Whip.

As the second ranking Republican in the House, Scalise said, “It’s exciting to see young, business-tested individuals like Bob Healey offering voters a commonsense alternative to the radical policies of the Democrats in Washington.  One of the problems with our friends across the aisle is that their caucus is filled with people who have never worked in the private sector and who do not understand basic economic fundamentals and job creation.”

The House Republicans leader added, “Bob Healey is precisely the kind of representative New Jersey needs—someone who’s managed an enterprise and met a payroll. Our citizens have seen the devastating impact of policies crafted by ideologues and ivory tower elites.”

Last week the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) added Bob Healey, the Republican nominee for New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district, to their Young Guns program for top-tier candidates. 1

A resident of Moorestown, Healey acknowledge Rep. Scalise’s support, saying, “We are honored to be recognized by GOP leaders like Minority Whip Scalise and I hope our campaign continues to earn endorsements, most especially, from my fellow citizens of the Third congressional district.”

1 “Healey had previously been on the NRCC’s On the Radar list, …. His victory in last week’s primary, however, was evidently enough to get the NRCC to promote him to the Young Guns list…”,, New Jersey Globe, 06/14/22.