Healey: “Contest against incumbent Andy Kim is a choice between two more years of Biden’s failed agenda or a new direction”

June 7, 2022

House Candidate Challenges Incumbent to Town-hall Debates Before Election Day

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Moorestown, NJ — Burlington County business owner and GOP candidate for Congress Bob Healey today, following his convincing primary victory, released the following statement:

“As this campaign begins, I want voters to ask themselves one question: Do you want a representative in congress like Andy Kim, who will continue the failed policies of Joe Biden that have brought us record inflation, rising crime, porous borders, and a radical ‘woke’ agenda in our classrooms OR do you want a congressman who will be a check and balance on the Biden agenda and turn our country around?

Andy and I do have some similarities: we live in the same town, we both like music, and Star Wars movies, and we are both fathers who care about our children and the future they will inherit.  But the similarities end there.  Andy Kim is a creature of Washington, D.C., and a career insider; I am a business owner and job creator.  Andy Kim pretends to be a ‘moderate’, but votes with his own party 99% of the time; I am a commonsense conservative who is pro-taxpayer, pro-law enforcement, and pro-parent. Andy Kim aligns himself with some of the most extreme, far-left radicals in the entire Congress; I am a problem-solver who will work with rational people on both sides of the aisle to fix our broken country.

The voters of the Third Congressional District deserve to hear more about these differences, but in person.  That’s why today, I am beginning this campaign by challenging Andy to join me for ten town-hall style debates between now and Election Day where we can respectfully debate the key issues facing our neighbors and the communities of Burlington, Mercer, and Monmouth Counties.  I hope Andy accepts and gives his constituents the open, honest, and unfiltered debate they deserve.”